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Interview with Luc Sante

I recently interviewed Luc Sante for Guernica Magazine.

Conversation With Dustin Beall Smith

I recently interviewed my good friend Dustin Beall Smith about an essay of his — “Shade: A Letter From Gettysburg” — that appeared in the May 2007 issue of The Sun. I’m not up for buying the space upgrade necessary to offer direct access to the audio files of the interview, so I thought I’d post a link to the files on this neglected blog.

Most of the questions I asked Dusty were generated by students in my writing classes at NYU. You can download the interview here (note: there are two .mov files in the .zip file, as we got cut off). Well worth a listen even if you haven’t read the essay, the first few paragraphs of which can be read here. It’s a kick-ass essay.

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