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Luc Sante’s “Arlene”

This is a gorgeous essay to me. It has everything I love in content and style, and it’s quiet about the truth without faking it. I was a little girl in New York during the time Sante refers to, I’ve grown up with the music he refers to and collect Winston Riley-produced LPs, I’ve had relationships like the one he describes with E., and I know people who suffer as she did and hope they don’t share her fate. It’s not though that it’s all “relatable”—it’s how it’s all related to us. I once interviewed Luc Sante. He was a little difficult, but I didn’t mind at all and when we later met at a conference or writing thing of some sort, he acknowledged our dynamic and said I’d done a good interview. It was a great compliment, as I admire his work and his aesthetics very much and wanted my questions to show that I’d paid attention.